Search field Operators: (+), (-), ("")

(+) before a term will force the search engine to include that exact term / terms in the search results for example (Leave to appeal +Dominica) will ensure that all results found with any combination of the words (leave and or appeal) must contain the term Dominica . *note words like (to, and, the) are disregarded by the search engine unless used within or together with an operator.

(-) signifies that results must not include the word(s) before the given operator, for example "Freezing injunction -appeal", would list all results firstly with the combination of the terms freezing and injunction with no mention of the word appeal, and if nothing is found then fall back to listing results with either of the first two words without the term "appeal".

("") Terms enclose in quotation marks tells the search engine that terms needs to be matched. By default the search engine uses the and(+) Operator and if nothing is found falls back to "or", with the quotation mark operator ("") each alphanumeric character in the term needs to be matched.

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