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High Court Judgments

The Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas v Marjorie Swift

Claim No ANUHCV2014/0334
Cotter, J
Delivered: 13/01/2015

Christian Tagliaventi v Edward Croft

Claim No ANUHCV2012/0567
Cattle, J
Delivered: 09/01/2015

Andrea Lisando v Bernard Richardson et al

Categories: 2014, Anguilla, December, Judgments

Claim No. AXAHCV2013/0101
Taylor-Alexander, M
Delivered: 29/12/2014

Raelene Lazarus v Advocate Publishers (2000) Inc

Categories: 2014, December, Grenada, Judgments

Claim No. GDAHCV2010/0382
Cenac-Phulgence, M [Ag.]
Delivered: 22/12/2014

Denise Stevens v Luxury Hotels International Management

Claim No SKBHCV2013/0069
Corbin-Lincoln, M.
Delivered: 19/12/2014
Application to amend the statement of case during assessment of damages hearing and after the end of the relevant limitation period – Amendment to quantum of special damages under the heads of special damages already pleaded-Whether amendment amounts to a new claim- Whether amendment at this stage of the proceedings would result in prejudice which cannot be remedied by an award of costs – Rules 1.2, 20.1 (3) and 20.2 (2) of the Civil Procedure Rules 2000.

Hornbeam Corp. v Halliwell Assets Inc et al

Claim No BVIHCV (Com) Nos. 105 of 2014 and 134 of 2014
Bannister, J
Delivered: 18/12/2014

Evelyn Whiteman et al v Floyd Ross et al

Categories: 2014, December, Grenada, Judgments

Suit NO. GDAHCV 2008/0135
Wallbank, J. [Ag.]
Delivered: 17/12/2014

Comodo Holdings Ltd v Renaissance Ventures Ltd et al

Claim No BVIHCV (Com) No 45 of 2013
Bannister, J
Delivered: 15/12/2014

Jemima v Bacchus et al and Linton Lewis and Isaac Legair v RBTT Bank Caribbean Ltd

Claim Nos. SVGHCV2011/0254, SVGHCV2011/280, SVGHCV2011/330
Actie, M [Ag]
Delivered: 11/12/2014

Bacchus V RBTT

Claim No. SVGHCV 2011/0254 / 280 /330
Actie, M [Ag.]
Delivered: 11/12/2014

Terry-Ann Benjamin Hector v Che Frantz Hector

Claim Nos. ANUHMT2013/0091
Cottle, J
Delivered: 08/12/2014

Ali Gibson v The Attorney General

Claim No 112 of 2014
Henry, J [Ag]
Delivered: 04/12/2014

Wilton Grimes et al v Darwin Smith

Categories: 2014, December, Grenada, Judgments

Claim NO. GDAHCV2004/0447
Price Findlay, J
Delivered: 04/12/2014

Wilton Grimes et al v Darwin Smith et al

Categories: 2014, December, Grenada, Judgments

Claim No GDAHCV2004/0447
Price-Findlay, J
Delivered: 04/12/2014

Dantzler Inc v Galloway Hardware and Building Materials Ltd

Claim No. MNIHCV2014/0024
Lincoln, M [Ag]
Delivered: 03/12/2014
Arbitration- United States Arbitral Award – recognition and enforcement – The Arbitration (Foreign Awards) Act Cap 3:02- action to enforce award at common law – CPR Part 43.10

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