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Court Of Appeal Judgments

David Holukoff et al v Capital Bank International Limited

Categories: 2015, Grenada, Judgments, May

Claim No. GDAHCV2008/0484, 0554
Thom, J.A.
Delivered: 13/05/2015

Sandra George v Nigel Glasgow

Blenman, JA.
Delivered: 05/05/2015

Brian Quamnie v Yates Associates Construction

Blenman, JA.
Delivered: 05/05/2015

The Attorney General of St. Christopher and Nevis v Hon Sam Condor et al

Michel, JA.
Delivered: 17/04/2015

Montserrat Utilities Limited v Mildred Kirwan

Categories: 2015, April, Judgments, Montserrat

Carrington JA [Ag]:
Delivered: 17/04/2015

Jewel Thornhill v The Attorney General

Categories: 2015, April, Judgments, Saint lucia

Pereira, CJ.
Delivered: 16/04/2015

Rashid A. Pigott v The Queen

Thom, J.A. [Ag.]
Delivered: 13/04/2015

Augustin Smith v 1st National Bank St. Lucia Limited et al

Categories: 2015, Judgments, March, Saint lucia

Thom J.A.
Delivered: 20/03/2015

Francis James v National Insurance Board

Categories: 2015, Grenada, Judgments, March

Claim NO. GDAHCVAP2013/0016
Bennet JA. (AG.)
Delivered: 09/03/2015

IA – Indra Hariprashad-Charles v BNS

Categories: 2015, Judgments, March, Saint lucia

Claim NO. SLUHCVAP2014/0015
Thom JA.
Delivered: 05/03/2015

IA – Amerinvest International v Kwok Ka Yik

Claim NO. BVIHCMAP2014/0033
Pereira CJ.
Delivered: 04/03/2015

Marie Makhoul v Cicely Foster et al

Claim NO. ANUHCVAP2009/0014
Pereira C.J.
Delivered: 23/02/2015

Hon Mark Brantley et al v Constituency Boundaries et al

Baptiste, Michel, Thom J.A.
Delivered: 05/02/2015

Patrick Smith v Heirs of Camselle St Catherine

SLUHCVAP 2013/0006
Michel, JA
Delivered: 29/01/2015
Civil appeal – Default judgment – Fixed date claim – Res judicata – Sale of property – Improbation of deed of sale and declaration of succession – Application for default judgment made on fixed date claim – Entry of default judgment on fixed date claims prohibited by CPR 12.2(b) – Nature of resulting order – Whether order liable to be set aside in whole or in part by judge of co-ordinate jurisdiction – Whether learned trial judge erred in holding that order made on default judgment application was final order – Whether order created estoppel against further litigation of issues surrounding validity of deed of sale to appellant of subject property – Whether doctrine of res judicata can bind non-party – Article 1171 of Civil Code of Saint Lucia

Mable Phillips v Corrine Clara

Categories: 2015, Grenada, January, Judgments

GDAHCVAP 2014/0023
Pereira, CJ
Delivered: 27/01/2015
Interlocutory appeal – Whether learned judge erred in striking out portions of witness statement – Hearsay – Section 36E of the Evidence Act – Whether learned judge erred in dismissing application for issue of witness summons – Part 33 of the Civil Procedure Rules 2000

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