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Marie Makhoul v Cicely Foster et al

Claim NO. ANUHCVAP2009/0014
Pereira C.J.
Delivered: 23/02/2015

M v M

Claim NO. BVIMT9 of 2014
Ellis J,
Delivered: 18/02/2015

Sonera Holding B.V. v Cukurova Holding A.S.

Claim No BVIHCV (com) 119 of 2011
Bannister, J
Delivered: 12/02/2015
Application for injunction restraining further prosecution of foreign arbitration – section 3(2)(b) Arbitration Act 2013 (‘the Act’) considered – whether section 3(2)(b) disapplied in case of foreign arbitration by section 6(3) of the Act

Frantisek Stepanek et al v Aqua Investments LTD et al

Suite NO. NEVHCV2010/0156
Williams J,
Delivered: 11/02/2015

Global Skynet International Ltd et al v Skynet Ltd et al

Claim No AXAHCV2014/0039
Taylor-Alexander, M
Delivered: 10/02/2015

Tweed v Tweed   - New

Claim NO. SKBHCV2013/0343
Carter J;
Delivered: 06/02/2015

Hon Mark Brantley et al v Constituency Boundaries et al

Baptiste, Michel, Thom J.A.
Delivered: 05/02/2015

Lemon Grove Company et al v First Caribbean International Bank et al

Claim NO. SKBHCV 2013/0213
Ramdhani J, (Ag.)
Delivered: 03/02/2015

Hazeline Maynars et al v St. Christopher and Nevis SWM   - New

Claim No. SKBHCV2013/0304
Corbin-Lincoln M (Ag)
Delivered: 3/02/2015

Nathan Dundas v Valarie Pole

Claim No ANUHCV2013/0528
Glasgow, M [Ag]
Delivered: 02/02/2015

The Queen v Sherman Williams et al

Case No 3 of 2013
Byer, J
Delivered: 02/02/2015
Criminal law- Sentencing- Attempted Murder- Joint Enterprise- variables in sentencing for persons involved in Joint Enterprise

Patrick Smith v Heirs of Camselle St Catherine

SLUHCVAP 2013/0006
Michel, JA
Delivered: 29/01/2015
Civil appeal – Default judgment – Fixed date claim – Res judicata – Sale of property – Improbation of deed of sale and declaration of succession – Application for default judgment made on fixed date claim – Entry of default judgment on fixed date claims prohibited by CPR 12.2(b) – Nature of resulting order – Whether order liable to be set aside in whole or in part by judge of co-ordinate jurisdiction – Whether learned trial judge erred in holding that order made on default judgment application was final order – Whether order created estoppel against further litigation of issues surrounding validity of deed of sale to appellant of subject property – Whether doctrine of res judicata can bind non-party – Article 1171 of Civil Code of Saint Lucia

Ginelle Jerome v Errol Felix et al

Claim No GDAHCV2008/0478
Glasgow, M [Ag]
Delivered: 29/01/2015

Thomas Chase et al v Cable & Wireless (Grenada) Ltd

Claim No GDAHCV2012/0424
Glasgow, M [Ag]
Delivered: 29/01/2015

Gemma Bain-Thomas v The Attorney General of Grenada et al

Suit No GDAHCV2014/0082
Wallbank, J [Ag]
Delivered: 28/01/2015

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