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Patrick Smith v Heirs of Camselle St Catherine   - New

SLUHCVAP 2013/0006
Michel, JA
Delivered: 29/01/2015
Civil appeal – Default judgment – Fixed date claim – Res judicata – Sale of property – Improbation of deed of sale and declaration of succession – Application for default judgment made on fixed date claim – Entry of default judgment on fixed date claims prohibited by CPR 12.2(b) – Nature of resulting order – Whether order liable to be set aside in whole or in part by judge of co-ordinate jurisdiction – Whether learned trial judge erred in holding that order made on default judgment application was final order – Whether order created estoppel against further litigation of issues surrounding validity of deed of sale to appellant of subject property – Whether doctrine of res judicata can bind non-party – Article 1171 of Civil Code of Saint Lucia

Mable Phillips v Corrine Clara   - New

GDAHCVAP 2014/0023
Pereira, CJ
Delivered: 27/01/2015
Interlocutory appeal – Whether learned judge erred in striking out portions of witness statement – Hearsay – Section 36E of the Evidence Act – Whether learned judge erred in dismissing application for issue of witness summons – Part 33 of the Civil Procedure Rules 2000

Franciscus Vingehoedt v Stanford International Bank Ltd   - New

ANUHCVAP 2014/0030
Pereira, C.J.
Delivered: 26/01/2015
Civil appeal – Hearsay evidence – Whether the learned trial judge erred in admitting transcript into proceedings – Whether the trial judge admitted hearsay evidence under section 29 of the Evidence (Special Provisions) Act, 2009

Dr. Ernest Hilaire v Deldridge Flavius   - New

Claim NO: SLUHCV2012/0776
Taylor-Alexander, M.
Delivered: 19/01/2015

1st National Bank St Lucia v St. Honore de Sainte Lucie Ltd

Webster J.A. [Ag.]
Delivered: 15/01/2015
Civil appeal – Judicial hypothec – Receivership – Sale of property – Companies Act – Civil Code – Code of Civil Procedure – Loans obtained by respondent from appellant and another bank secured by property owned by respondent – Judicial hypothecs registered by both banks – Whether appellant as junior creditor could be overreached – Whether learned judge erred in his interpretation and application of receiver’s powers under mortgage debenture and the Companies Act – Whether learned judge erred in cancelling appellant’s registered judicial hypothec under article 2028 of the Civil Code and authorising private sale of property by receiver under s. 287(4) of the Companies Act

Benjamin Drakes et al v Plantation Beach St Lucia Ltd   - New

Claim No SLUHCV2008/0659
Belle, J
Delivered: 15/01/2015

Attorney General of St. Christopher and Nevis v Angela Jasmine Inniss

CIVIL APPEAL NO. 68 of 2000
Redhead, J.A.
Delivered: 14/01/2002

The Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas v Marjorie Swift

Claim No ANUHCV2014/0334
Cottle, J
Delivered: 13/01/2015

AXA – Brilla Capital Investment Master Fund SPC Ltd et al v LIR Ltd

Claim No. AXAHCVAP2013/0010
Michel J.A.
Delivered: 12/01/2015

Wang Zhongyong et al v Union Zone Management Ltd et al

Farara, J.A. [Ag]
Delivered: 12/01/2015
Commercial appeal – Winding up of company – Appointment of liquidators of a company on just and equitable ground – Whether common intention or understanding among shareholders leading to quasi-partnership was formed –Whether sole or main purpose of company failed – Section 162 of the Insolvency Act, 2003 – Section 184I of the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004

Browne’s Construction Ltd v First Caribbean International Bank Ltd   - New

Claim No SVGHCV2005/378
Thom, J

Augustine Miguel v Natalie Miguel et al   - New

Claim No 23 of 2010
Thom, J
Delivered: 12/01/2015

Christian Tagliaventi v Edward Croft

Claim No ANUHCV2012/0567
Cottle, J
Delivered: 09/01/2015

Verolina George v Agnes Richardson et al

Pereira CJ.
Delivered: 07/01/2015

Andrea Lisando v Bernard Richardson et al

Claim No. AXAHCV2013/0101
Taylor-Alexander, M
Delivered: 29/12/2014

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